Censorship: No
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Release date: 2019-11-18
Developer: Xtryptic Studios
Version: 0.27

Language: English
Operating system: PC / Windows


Erotic game about how you decided to throw a party, where there were several co-workers. this party can end up in a big sexual Orgy.

Changelog version 0.27:

- 214 images starting the mean path, where Jim will treat Kayleigh badly.

This is the first version into the "mean" path. In this way Jim will have no concern for the young woman's well-being, leading to harsher actions and unpleasant outcomes, for Jim of course. v0.24 will open a lot of possibilities, especially the one that I'm targeting for v0.25. Have fun!

Path for the new version (do these choices):
- Jump to Phase 3 >>>
- Politely Refuse
- I really like Kayleigh
- An evening on the porch
- Finally make a move on Kayleigh
- >>Treat her like a whore<<